With PCBA plate mount part

Short Description:

✭  This is a plastic part used to fix the PCBA board, in order to keep the PCBA balanced and ensure the stability of the transmission signal. The requirements for this plastic part are very high, and the precision of the parts of the plastic product must be within 0.02mm. So, if several contact surfaces of the PCBA are fixed, the product cannot be draft angle, and the mold must be designed and manufactured in a Slider method.


  The high temperature resistant PC material used in this plastic material is a commonly used material for car lights. This material has the advantages of small deformation, good stability, high temperature resistance and cold resistance.


✭  This set of molds adopts the HASCO standard. The Core material is 1.2343 hardened steel. The mold structure is relatively complex structure, need to use exchangeable insert to production four different parts. The product material is PC, and the surface needs to be Polish 600. Product size accuracy requirement is +/-0.02. The mold delivery time is 38 days, and the injection cycle is 27 seconds. The mold was tested only twice, and the customer asked us to arrange an export to the Germany injection molding factory.


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Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-191018
Surface Finish Process Polish-#600
Plastic Material PC
Part weight 1.5 g
Design Software UG
Part size 32.00 X 18.50 X 18.1 mm
Customized Customized
Application Electronic
Mould size 296 X 346 X 326 mm
Mould Name Angle buffer
Mould Cavity 1*2(Use exchangeable insert to get four parts)
Runner cold runner for Side gate
Standard Hasco
Mould Material 1.2343/1.2312/1.2767
Mould Life Cycle 1,000,000
Lead Time 38 days
Mould Cycle Time: 27's
Payment T T

Application field

This plastic shell part is mainly used as a control switch in the car navigation system. The switch shell must not be deformed or the size is out of tolerance, and the material must be fireproof and high temperature resistant. Ensure that our circuit board is stable and not easy to move inside.

Regardless of any circuit board fixing box, the quality of our plastic casing is very good. We will perform analysis and evaluation based on the 3D shell you provide. Our technical team can provide services for optimizing products. Through preliminary technical analysis, we can ensure that our delivery date and quality are perfect and completed smoothly.

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